Nikon tc 201 2x manual focus teleconverter tc-201

So popular that there are thousands of third party brand options on ebay, as well as nikon s old manual focus ones which are quite cheap. This model offers full communication between the lens and camera. Get the best deals on nikon manual focus teleconverter camera lenses when you shop the largest online selection at. This nikon lens fits on all auto and manual focus cameras and lenses. It works on all auto and manual focus cameras with all auto and manual focus lenses. Shop from the worlds largest selection and best deals for nikon teleconverter camera lenses. For the 300mmf4 afs, you should use the tc 20e tc 20e ii and it can maintain some af under good light.

If you are a good visual problem solver and do not get frustrated with your equipment then you will love this teleconverter. Nikkor lenses not listed cannot be used with the afs teleconverters. View online or download nikon afs tc 20e iii user manual. Tc201 2x teleconverter for nikor afais lenses 200mm or less. Nikon lens teleconverter compatibility chart notes. Buy nikon 2x teleconverter and get the best deals at the lowest prices on ebay. Nikon tc201 tc201 2x teleconverter tele converter, for nikon manual focus lens. Both shares similar basic specification and multiply the primary lenss focal length by a factor of 2x. Tc201 adapter camera description nikon camera 201 tc adapter. Also, if i definitely cannot use the newer nikon teleconverters, how would the older nikon tc201 compare to the tamron teleconverter.

It has a few light scuff marks on its exterior and on its mounts. The best combination of quality services, vast selection, knowledgeable staff and competitive pricing. I could focus with it indoors with medium tungsten light levels, not very bright, so on a sunny day this would be a breeze to focus i think. Nikon tc 301 2x teleconverter ai s 35mm converters user. Tc201 teleconverter adapter lens camera nikon tc201. With my growing interest in this type of photography and the recent purchase of a nikkor 200500mm f5. Tc201 teleconverter 2x nikon 1984 booklet lens 363396 with caps camera for box box caps for camera tc201 lens 363396 booklet teleconverter with nikon 2x 1984. The nikon fmount teleconverters are a group of magnifying lenses mounted between the lens and the camera body, the nikon fmount. In general photography a converter is an optical system, placed behind or in front of a lens, to change the focal length of the lens in use. Take your photography to the next level with this nikon tc tc201 2x teleconverter lens. These manual focus teleconverters are the only nikon brand teleconverters that can be used with ordinary af cameras or lenses. Nikon teleconverters tc14a and tc201 darin mcquoid. Top mint nikon ais teleconverter tc201 2x manual focus lens from japan 652. Nikon afs teleconverter tc 14e iii handling and features weighing only 190 grams, this 1.

Nikon tc201 2x manual focus teleconverter ais adorama. Nikon tc201 teleconverter, for nikon ai,ais to 200mm at. Even a single macrolens put in the filter thread of any lens is a converter. Find great deals on ebay for tc 201 and miura tc201. Nikon manual focus teleconverter camera lenses for sale ebay. Also, nikon afais lenses must be manually focused when used with teleconverters. I know i would have to go with manual focus, but i often do so anyway. Nikon delivers innovation and high quality optics with the tc201 2x magnification lens teleconverter for use with nikon af or ais mount lenses. Used nikon tc201 2x manual focus teleconverter ais e condition. These afs teleconverters utilize the nikon fmount, and are compatible with all nikon filmbased slrs and dslrs fx and dx formats, as well as the nikon 1 cameras when. During the manual focus days, nikon had two separate 2x teleconverters. View online or download nikon tc 20e ii teleconverter afs instruction manual. Please note in the charts which follow that auto focus lens will only focus manually with the teleconverters shown marked with a plain yes. I do mostly wide field using an astrotrac mount and have used a canon 2x with my 200mm 2.

Tc201 2x teleconverter for nikor afais lenses 300mm or more. The 18200mm dx does not have enough clearance on its rear end to mount any tc nne on. It is not like the old tc201 teleconverter that was intended for general use to make a normal lens into a telephoto. These afs teleconverters utilize the nikon fmount, and are compatible with all nikon filmbased slrs and dslrs fx and dx formats, as well as the nikon 1 cameras when using the ft1 f mount adapter. Make offer nikon tc e2 2x teleconverter lens for coolpix 4300 4500 5000. Nikon tc201 2x teleconverter ai ais from japan for sale. For example, using a 2x teleconverter with a 100mm lens will effectively increase the focal length to 200mm. Manual focus near for sale rare antique collectible. The distinction of ii in the name of nikon teleconverters means that the newer versions use lighter metals in their construction. Concepts di 2x digital ii nikon teleconverter focus auto for for auto focus concepts ii nikon di teleconverter digital 2x. This handsome nikon tc201 2x teleconverter is for use with manual focus nikon f mount lenses, cameras and adapters. If not, my question concerns using teleconverters or teleextenders for ap. Nikon tc201 and tc 301 teleconverters are basically earlier tc 200 and tc 300 models with an updated ais type of lens coupling system at its rear section. The following lenses may be used with the nikon afs teleconverters, some with noted functional limitations.

This converter is intended for professional use with long afs and afi super telephotos. Its glass is clean, clear and free of any fungus, haze or separation. Nikon ais 2x teleconverters tc201 and tc 301 and considerations for using the modern nikon tcs. The rear elements of nikkor lenses not listed can contact and damage the teleconverter element and must not be attached. Attached to the new lens, the tc 14e iii would have. Shutter speed triangle and manually focus then you will love this teleconverter.

Any type of adapter or converter that makes this possible, or do i need to go with the lower quality tamron sp 2x. Teleconverter compatibility table brian tilley briantilley keywords. Great savings free delivery collection on many items. If you must use an old 2x tc, it should be the tc 301. Mint nikon ais teleconverter tc201 2x manual focus lens from japan.

If im in the wrong forum, please excuse and direct me elsewhere. The nikon tc201 is a 2x teleconverter also known as a teleextender that will multiply the focal length of the existing lens by 2x, and will cut back the amount of light by 2 fstops. The tc 14a, tc 200 and tc201 are intended for lenses of 200mm and less. The tc 300 tc 301 is a version of this teleconverter intended for lenses with a recessed rear element such as many macro lenses and lenses with a focal length of 300mm or greater. Nikon teleconverter tc 200 2x nikon teleconverter tc 200. Nikon tc 20e ii teleconverter afs pdf user manuals. Rare near mint nikon reflex nikkor mm f11 manual focus lens from japan. Optimized for nikon fmount lenses in the global vision line, the tc 2001 2x teleconverter from sigma will offer an increase in focal length of 2 times for select global vision lenses. However the use of teleconverters may have some inherent limitations for example, a decrease in fstop. The tc 200 tc201 is the only 2x nikkor tc that works with this manual focus lens.

There is no difference betwen the the original versions and the newer ones in terms of functionality or optical performance. Since both of the latter devices have ais features and made them compatible to take advantage of some of the automatic exposure system employs in the nikon af slrs, however, many of the af nikkor lenses can only be used for manual focus. The nikon mf converters have limitations as to which focal lengths they can be used on. Items in condition good and better come with 180 day warranty and free shipping. Nikon teleconverters tc 14a and tc201 teleconverters were once very popular.

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