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Curculionidae, introduced in italy in 2005, is currently causing significant economic and environmental losses to fig tree nurseries and. The yield loss of genotypes susceptible to leaf rust varied from 30% to 60% depending on the environment and severity of infection. Fiorino 1 university of teramo, faculty of agriculture, department of food science, via c. First north american record of the allium leafminer. Hot water treatment of grapevine to control grapevine. The 14th congress of the european society for agronomy. The project was supervised by professor marcel dicke and his collaborators. In three independent experiments in turkey and kazakhstan, winter wheat germplasm with variable degrees of resistance to leaf rust was subjected to fungicide protection. Appendix 3 list of agricultural journals organized under udc. At the fieragricola 2020 in verona, the fendt katana 650 received the silver leaf innovation award. This is due to its better agronomic performances in areas such as spain, california and italy that are characterized by unfavorable environmental. In this study, the nonfood use of brassica carinata oil for biodiesel production was investigated. In particular, they focus on the new technology introduced by each product, its impact on farmings environmental.

Most ricebased cropping systems, including rice wheat, are facing b deficiency as they are often practiced on high ph and alkaline soils with low b contents, low soil organic matter, and inadequate use of b fertilizer, which restricts the availability, uptake, and deposition of b into grains. Linformatore agrario, sempre in prima linea per assistere lagricoltore nelle scelte quotidiane. Lca of cropping systems with different external input levels. Brassica carinata as an alternative oil crop for the. Multiple innovation awards for case ih at fieragricola 2018.

Physical weed control in processing tomatoes in central. Xv technical conference xv technical conference organic production in the mediterranean basin. The farming system in subirrigation for the prodution of greenhouses. The purpose of this paper was to investigate and describe opinions about the significance of operational art, submitted by military officers who studied the career courses at the centre for. In the mediterranean region, some wild edible species such as asparagus acutifolius l. Europemiddle eastafrica emea coverage includes europe financial media, middle east and africa media networks. Prospective snail farmers should carefully consider these factors, especially if their goal is to supply large quantities to commercial businesses. Antonio boschetti direktor informatore agrario, andrea visentini. Its further confirmation of our commitment to technology, product development and thought leadership. Oct 03, 2014 in order to show that alternatives to neonicotinoids for pest control are available and can be feasible, two case studies will be described.

Here you can find the list of the research articles and book chapters published since 2001. Santangelo on the informatore agrario of 19 april new biomass extractor designed by boschi servizi. The discussion regards different aspects, taking into consideration farmer issues, supply chain issues, consumer issues, policy and trade issues, including farmers income, sustainable development and international trade. Until this report, the japanese beetle was only known to occur at the margins of the eppo region, in the azores pt and in kunashir island kurile islands russian far east. Food and agriculture cost action fa0807 integrated management of phytoplasma epidemics in different crop systems phytoplasmas and phytoplasma disease management. The olive quick decline syndrome oqds diffusion in apulia. Of these, 49 have been presented with awards 1, 2 or 3 stars according to the importance and impact of the innovation. Phytomyza gymnostoma napogyitaly eppo global database. Characterization, distribution, biology and impact on. Phytoplasmas and phytoplasma disease management cost. Linformatore agrario dal 1945 libero, competente, innovativo. The adulteration of olive oils can be detected with chemical test. Snail farming on a largescale basis requires a considerable investment in time, equipment, and resources. There is a growing body of evidence indicating that the broadscale and prophylactic uses of neonicotinoids pose serious risks of harm to beneficial organisms and their ecological function.

Neonicotinoid insecticides are widely used for control of insect pests around the world and are especially pervasive in agricultural pest management. Analisi economica di piccoli impianti biogas convegno biogas l informatore agrario fieragricola 2014 1. The agricultural fair, which focuses on grassland and viticulture technology, is organised by veronafiere in collaboration with edizioni l informatore agrario. More than subjects were submitted to the jury by manufacturers. Business wire is the only usbased commercial news service that has access to the agence francepresse afp media network, the four nordic news agencies, and all of the major news services in the. Distribution details in italy of phytomyza gymnostoma napogy current pest situation evaluated by eppo on the basis of information dated 2005. Productivity and oil characteristics in a superintensive. Based on their efficacy to control many insect pests and their systemic activity, they are used extensively in agriculture so that by 2008, neonicotinoids accounted for one quarter of. Use and relevance of european union crop monitoring and yield. Effect of age at first calving on production traits and on difference. Mini risk assessment grape berry moth, lobesia botrana. In these trials, with the claydon strip tillage and the no tillage precision sowing, there was a difference in the initial growth of maize but marginal differences in production and quality biomass.

Exploring the potential of wild food resources in the. E stato pubblicato oggi sull informatore agrario n. Linnovazione istituzionale e technologica a sostegno dei cambiamenti in atto in agricolture e per lo sviluppo rurale. The alternative system included a stale seedbed technique performed by a rolling harrow pass and one flaming treatment, two posttransplanting precision hoeing treatments and several handweeding treatments. Analisi economica di piccoli impianti biogas convegno. In proceedings of integrating cultural tactics into the management of bark beetle and reforestation pests, vallombrosa, italy, september 1996. Boron nutrition of rice in different production systems. Towards a conceptual framework for socialecological.

Genotypes completely or moderately resistant to leaf rust also responded positively to. Thus, this study is focused on reducing both time and cost. For this purpose, we have considered the geography of the regional territory in 31 llss local labor systems of istat gathering socioeconomic statistical data and elaborating them in order to model the territorial patterns of integration between farming and not agricultural industries. Heliciculture is the process of farming or raising snails. Proceedings 10th ewrs symposium, poznan pl, 2226 june, 98. Angelo te, italy 2 technical consultant on olive growing, milling techniques and systems, and olive oil quality. L informatore agrario fondato nel 1945 da alberto rizzotti direttore responsabile. Esa 14 growing landscapes cultivating innovative agricultural systems. Forest pests and their management in the anthropocene. The literature from europe suggests organic production and market garden production systems tend to be most at risk, perhaps due to synchrony of adult flight activity with a continuous host supply, andor to lack of insecticidal controls used in conventional production systems. Lobesia botrana should be regarded as a potentially serious pest on a worldwide scale for all the vinegrowing areas that are presently unaffected. This study presents two methods to analyze quality control of olive oils.

The nppo of italy recently informed the eppo secretariat of the first record of popillia japonica coleoptera. In the context of farm management decisions in crop production systems, a wealth of research exists on enhancing the value and communication of seasonal climate forecasts, often in combination with crop growth simulation models, e. The three systems differed in terms of soil tillage, fertilizer application, genotype, pest and weed control and irrigation. Quality control of olive oils using machine learning and. The forest inventory is an important tool to know the current and to estimate the future wood availability for industry. Evaluation of different mechanical fruit harvesting systems and oil quality in very large size olive trees in 2006 and 2009, trials were carried out in the apulia region in southern italy to evaluate the possibility of mechanizing olive harvesting in groves of old and very large trees. Scientific papers published before 2001 are listed in the following pdf files. This is the first time that this polyphagous pest is.

Fendt katana 650 wins innovation award at fieragricola. Based on their efficacy to control many insect pests and their systemic activity, they are used extensively in agriculture so that by 2008, neonicotinoids accounted for one quarter of the global insecticide market jeschke et al. Cascone pasquale 160115 page 3 6 nigra plants exposed to differet biotic stresses such as aphids and chewers and their combinations. This awareness has become the key to observe the olive quick decline syndrome oqds that has affected the apulia, a land of secular olive trees characterizing landscape and economy. But well never turn down the opportunity to be recognized by our industry. Several varieties have been proposed in the past, including var. Weed suppression by cover crops in a continuous maize cropping system. The biomass extractor on l informatore agrario the article prototype of extractor for wet biomasses in silobag, signed by several hands a. Row distance and cultivar but not sowing density determined wheat yield and competition against weeds. Linformatore agrario 14 marzo 20 prp resso ff ic e orang e. Of course, our biggest reward is helping the worlds farmers be more efficient, productive and profitable. Since the 1950s, conventional insecticides such as lindane provided effective and inexpensive protection from wireworms, and little integrated pest management research ipm was conducted.

This chapter suggests some relevant topics for further analysis of organic farming and organic food markets in italy. Effects of tillage systems on herbicide dissipation. Cropping systems were arranged in 1200 m 2 plots 100 m long. This provides the impetus for exploring alternatives to. Considering the great interest of this species, including its recreational, commercial and agronomic uses, we aimed to study its natural supply and its current scale of harvesting. Wireworms, the larvae stage of click beetles family, elateridae, are serious soil dwelling pests of small grain, corn, sugar beet, and potato crops globally. Systemic neonicotinoid insecticides are used to protect a wide variety of crops. The approaches used so far, involve agrobacterium tumefaciens and plasmid vectors, viral promoters, and genes for positive selection such as nptii. Personal information silvia coderoni via pallotta, 2, 62032. New systems and technologies for irrigation and drainage.

Multi system governance within the eu rural development policy. Depending on locality altitude, exposure and chestnut cultivar. Lobesia botrana, described from austria by denis and schiffermuller 1776 as tortrix botrana, has had a complex taxonomic history. By an inductive approach and according to data on the provincial level, we have verified the correlation between the ways of land use and the oqds diffusion. Evaluation of different mechanical fruit harvesting. Alternatives to neonicotinoid insecticides for pest control. Better management through improved understanding of coupled humannatural systems. Potential application of pheromones in monitoring, mating. The biomass extractor on linformatore agrario boschi. At present, the species is included in the genus lobesia guenee, 1845, having been discarded from the genus polychrosis ragonot, 1894, largely used in the older literature. Alternatives to neonicotinoid insecticides for pest. A foursome of awards for case ih at fieragricola 2016.

Generally it request high economic and time costs if based on direct sampling on the areas or on classification of aerial photo or satellite images. In the anthropocene, forests and forest management are increasingly coupled with human societies, and solutions for emerging plant pests more frequently require understanding and managing the coupled humannatural systems. All the machines for the alternative system were adjusted and set up for processing tomatoes transplanted in paired rows. Grassland and forages in high output dairy farming systems.

In 2014 a conversation with some clients, using combrakes, pointed out the advantages of starwheel rakes and the objection of not having any technological improvement since the 1960s. On 11 june, the italian magazine linformatore agrario interviewed mr e. Towards a conceptual framework for socialecological systems integrating biodiversity and ecosystem services with resource efficiency. Case ih was distinguished with four 2 awards for the following innovations. Lobesia botrana females are also attracted to tansy tanacetum vulgare, specifically to pollen, nectar or damaged plant parts when flowers are absent. Multisystem governance within the eu rural development.

At the time of bud burst in spring, the adults emerge to induce the formation of 520 mm diameter green or rosecoloured galls, which develop in midapril on new shoots. Comparison of two harvesting methods and energetic characterzation of residual stumps sixth edition of the international conference on agricultural development and sustainability agrocentro 2014 9 11 april 2014 vi symposium. Paperator converts your pdf in flipping pages in seconds. Semiochemicals for intraspecific communication of the fig.

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